How Do You Create a Virtual Quiz?

So, you're ready to start taking your quizzes live but you're not sure exactly how to get the job done. Good news: you're in the right place! In this post, we are going to cover everything you need to know about creating live quizzes, putting your quiz out into the world to share with your audience, and so much more.

Some of the quiz questions this post will cover include

What's the best free quiz maker
Should winners get prizes
Who should use live quizzes
How many answer options should I include in my quiz
What are the different quiz types
How can you make the quiz experience more fun
Who should use live quizzes?
One of the best things about live quizzes is that just about everyone in any industry can use them.
Nothing spices a meeting up quite like the use of a live quiz. You can quickly test topic knowledge and understanding, break the ice with employees, and reinvigorate the energy in the meeting.
Are you presenting a new product or service to an audience? Why not try using a live quiz during your presentation to make it truly unforgettable? Whether you want to create a sense of competition among audience members, collect feedback during a presentation, engage with potential customers, all of these and more can be done with the use of a live quiz you share with participants during presentations.
Events (virtual and in-person)
There is a good chance you have attended your fair share of virtual events over the past year. And chances are, some stood out more than others. One technique to make sure your event or presentation stands out for the right reasons is offering a fun quiz game with exciting question types to participants or audience members. They can take part right from their device, see scores and correct answers all in real time, and just generally have fun.
A live quiz event is an awesome way to promote team bonding. Especially if you group participants into their own teams where everyone is competing as part of a team. There will also be a friendly sense of competition among team members as they see their names on the real time leaderboard. As they enter more questions correctly, they will see their name move up on the leaderboard, and you can even offer prizes to winners! Or, to make sure everyone is included, you can offer prizes for certain quiz questions and whoever guesses correctly first.
If your audience consists of employees, a live quiz can be just as useful in the workplace, even when that workplace is digital. You can use a live quiz during a brainstorming session, a presentation, a meeting, at a team-building activity, or just about anywhere else you can think of.
Whether it's in the classroom or distance learning, a live quiz is a really effective way to make the learning experience more exciting for your students. They are also a handy tool for quickly testing subject knowledge or determining your students' level of understanding on a certain topic. You'll notice when certain quiz questions are answered incorrectly more frequently, and this is a useful assessment for the subject matter your students need more information about. Then, you can test on that same subject later to determine if your students are making progress and quiz scores are improving.

Or...any group of people you choose!

What are the different quiz types?

The tests you remember taking with a pen and paper when you were a student have come a long way. Now, quizzes can be conducted on a number of devices, and the quiz results can be collected much quicker when questions and answers are submitted electronically.
When it comes to the types of quizzes you can use, there are also plenty of options depending on the form of information or resources you want to collect.

Quizzes with images or videos
Rather than having players choose from text responses, why not try an image or video-based quiz instead? This is a fun technique to add a visual element to your quizzes, and a lot of people learn better this way too so there's the added bonus of increased effectiveness for many people.
Quiz game
You can turn your live quizzes into a fun and friendly competition when you create a quiz game for your participants. As your players submit their answers, the results can be displayed in real time on a leaderboard, and you can set a time limit on each question to create a sense of urgency.
True or false quizzes
This is one of the simplest (and most fun) types of quizzes you can create. For each question, the answer options are either true or false, so you don't need to spend a ton of time creating multiple answers for all of the questions for your audience to answer.
Multiple choice quizzes
You can also have your quiz taker, audience members, or participants select from multiple options on each of the questions in your quiz. It can take more time to create all of these options, but it's an effective option to really challenge your players. If you use a time limit on these questions, be sure to allot for the added time it takes to read extra options.

The best free quiz maker

Of course, we know you also want to know the top option to use for creating live quizzes, polls, games, or even a Q&A. And the answer is with Swift Polling. This software is known not only for its live quizzes and games, but also for a variety of polls, including SMS and web polling. You can create a Swift Polling account for free, and their customer service representatives will ensure you're up to speed with how to create polls and quizzes in no time with a live demo.

So, if you're planning upcoming events, meetings, presentations, or any other fun gathering (in person or virtual) consider giving Swift a try to make sure you have the software resources you need to make it a fun experience or event your audience won't forget. Your quiz can be embedded onto your site with a simple code, or you can use a simple number or link to share your quiz information during presentations or meetings.

Make sure your next event is a fun experience your audience will never forget with a live quiz! Click here to visit their site and learn more.